Tale of the Inn Keepers Niece (Erotica)

An Erotic spin-off from “GET OUT OF MY DREAMS”

Joe the Magic Man has returned in this spin-off novella to “Get Out of My Dreams.”

Going beyond the crime-solving Joe that “Get Out of My Dreams” portrayed, where the reader only caught a glimpse of his steamy adventures, “Tale of the Inn Keeper’s Niece” shows his more passionate, erotic side.

Set in 17th century France, get ready to be swept away on a sex-filled—with a touch of kink—whirlwind adventure.

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Customer reviews for Tale of the Inn Keepers Niece

Creative and erotic – This story creative and brilliant! The main character, Jean is a modest beauty; a waitress who is happily engaged to Steve, and has an affinity for romance novels. What Steve doesn’t know is that she has some pretty intense and hypersexual dreams that allows her to be free and experience all of her fantasies. What she doesn’t know is that her dream guy, Joe, is real, and has the ability to infiltrate the dreams of others. The author takes us via Jean’s dreams to 17th century France, where she is an innkeeper-turned-trollop, who indulges in plenty of sensual situations. Its steamy and erotic tale, that is fast-paced, very well-written and will certainly keep you engaged! Will be picking up the other book by this author as well!
The whore who keeps on giving. – Jean is married to Steve an average young couple. What Steve doesn’t know is that his wife is visited in her dreams by Joe. Joe has a special talent which can transport him into the dreams of others. In this book (check out the author’s previous novel, Get out of my dreams) Joe transports Jean back to Medieval France where, in her job as an innkeepers serving wench, she has sexual encounters with all manner of characters, including the Queen of France and the Three Musketeers. And not always one at a time. Hold on, your in for a fast ride!
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