Tale of the Spirit of Elves Woods (Erotica)

Join Jean Thornton in another of her Erotic Dreams, as Joe the Magic Man takes Jean on a sexual adventure to Elves Woods, where the men have an unstoppable sex drive. And the young women of the village are bisexual as part of their training for womanhood.

On this adventure, Jean takes her boyfriend, Steve, and their friends, John and Alice Timberlake, on a weekend trip to a village in the mountains, where they stumble on what they think is a nudist club for swingers.

Jean and Alice are taken to their rooms by two sexy nineteen-year-old girls dressed as elves, and they are given the VIP treatment with the club’s super studs, in a very unusual steamy sex session.

While John and Steve are taken to see a sex show like no other, they had ever seen before. Where Joe makes love to three women for over an hour with the same erection.

It’s a dream Jean will never forget, as Joe, her dream lover, gets more daring and imaginative each night he visits her, and Jean gets so addicted to her dreams that she can’t wait for bedtime for her to fall to sleep and find Joe.

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