The Unknown Assassin

Frank Brubaker, the Deputy Director of the FBI, had an unusual case land on his desk. Mark Buick had been arrested for two murders that he says he is being framed for by the police. But he is willing to admit to two other killings that he committed, and he will show them where he buried the bodies if they take the death penalty away for the two murders to which he is pleading innocent. The police don’t know if he is lying or not, and the other two people he is claiming he murdered are on the missing persons list, which could possibly make Mark a serial killer with four murders to his name. The case intrigued Frank, was Mark Buick being framed by the police? Did Mark kill the two missing persons, or did he have a partner kill them? And if so, then there is another killer out there. There were a lot of unanswered questions that Frank thought would be good for his Secret Task Force to investigate, with the help of Joe’s gift of getting into people’s dreams and finding out their secrets. Can Joe find out if Mark is a crackpot or is he being framed? Did he kill two or four people? And if he had a partner, can Joe find him before he kills again?

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