The Elusive Crime Fighter – NEW RELEASE

 The FBI took a courageous step to look into the unsolved murder and the abduction of a twenty-year-old woman in Los Angeles. After three years of searching for Judy, she returns home to her mother with a young child and another one on the way. The local police think she can help solve a murder that took place on the day of her disappearance. The FBI wants to know where she has been in the last three years and why did her abductor let her go and who was he, and did her abductor kill a well-known and much loved member of the community? The more vague Judy is with her answers, the more people think she might have organized her own kidnapping and now returned home because the ransom money ran out.

Frank Brubaker the Deputy Director of the FBI knew one sure way of finding out the truth of what happened that day. He handed the case over to his little secret task force; he called it little because it consisted of just two Special Agents (Campbell and Burrows) and two special civilians (Joe and Alice). He called it secret because “Joe the Magic Man” is a mysteriously gifted man that can read minds, get into people’s dreams and hypnotize them to reveal their deepest secrets. Joe wanted his powers and his identity kept a secret.

Joe gets into Judy’s dreams only to find out there is a lot more to the killing and the abduction than Judy is admitting to, and leads the taskforce on to investigate other suspects and a much bigger crime. Joe is actually “The Elusive Crime Fighter” the FBI’s very own secret weapon in the ever more difficult path to truth and justice.

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